GAIL CARSON LEVINE grew up in New York City and has been writing all her life. ELLA. ENCHANTED is her first book for children. To David. More Tunes. Author: Levine Gail Carson Ella Enchanted (Trophy Newbery) ยท Read more Ella Enchanted Reading Guide (Saddleback's Focus on Reading Study Guides). Gail Carson Levine - Ella inevosisan.ml - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. book.

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About Gail Carson Levine. 5. How Ella Enchanted Came About. 9. An Interview with Gail Carson Levine. Chapter Charter: Questions to Guide Your Reading. [pdfEbooks] Ella Enchanted PDF Epub by Gail Carson Levine. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. Read Ella Enchanted online by Gail Carson Levine in. This beloved Newbery Honor-winning story about a feisty heroine is sure to enchant readers new and old. At her birth, Ella of Frell receives a foolish fairy'.

Instead, Lucinda misunderstands and orders Ella to be happy with her gift. Upon returning home, Mandy reverses the order upon Ella. After failing to find a rich husband for Ella, Sir Peter decides to marry Dame Olga in order to pay off his debts. Ella renews her friendship with Char at the wedding.

Lucinda appears at the wedding and gives Sir Peter and Dame Olga one of her gifts - that they will always love each other. Dame Olga discovers that Sir Peter is now impoverished, but because of the gift, is unable to hate him. Instead, she transfers all her hatred to Ella. When Sir Peter leaves to continue his business, Dame Olga and her daughters quickly reduce Ella to being an obedient servant in their home, Hattie having told her mother about Ella's condition. Ella and Char begin writing to each other frequently after Char leaves on a diplomatic mission to Ayortha.

They fall in love through their letters, but Ella rejects him when she realizes her gift of obedience could be used to harm him. She tricks Char into thinking she has eloped with another man, leaving Char heartbroken.

After learning of this, Mandy summons Lucinda and dares her to live under the gift of obedience, to know how it feels. Six months later a repentant Lucinda appears and confesses the terrible nature of her gifts. However, out of fear, she still refuses to lift the spell on Ella.

When Char returns to Kyrria, a three-night homecoming ball is held in his honor. Ella, who still loves him, goes to the ball in disguise with help from Mandy and Lucinda, who make a coach and horses from household objects.

To be on the safe side, Lucinda has everything change back by midnight. On the third night of the ball, when she is dancing with Char, Hattie unmasks Ella, forcing her to flee. She didn't answer.

Her face was a pasty white with twin spots of rouge on the cheeks. She says he can make money out of anything. They are off to finishing school in a few days. Our mother. Olive was the one I'd bumped. I thought what a poor thing you are. The speaker was a tall. She lowered her arm. This is Hattie. With her were two smaller versions of herself.

The younger one also lacked her mother's abundant hair. Father continued.

Ella Enchanted

I stared. I curtsied and knocked into the younger girl. Dame Olga. She was about my age. The furrows of a frown were permanently etched between her eyes. Hattie surveyed the room. She held her hand out to me as though she expected me to kiss it or bow over it.

She opened the wardrobe in Mother's room and. The excitement quite takes away our appetites. We never eat at parties.

When we got back to the hall. We stood near the side table.

The windows must have cost a trunkful of gold KJs. But it looks delicious. We went upstairs and Hattie had to look everywhere. No thank you. I wondered how Mandy had had time to cook it all. I didn't care if they lived in a hollow log. Ten brass KJs apiece. Mother worries. But Hattie could. Our mother says Lady Eleanor was rich when they got married.

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We in the peerage are forgiving. The dog had just bayed. Just the carpet. I felt as if I'd been in the rug. I stared again and it started again. A hound and hunters chased a boar toward a fringe of scarlet wool.

Olive ate even more. She had finished eating. Then she'd tuck in again. She looked like a rabbit. They brought their plates close to their faces so their forks had the shortest possible distance to travel. I looked down at a throw rug that used to lie under Mother's chair.

I felt his throat relax. I had never concentrated on it before. I blinked and the movement stopped. I started. Olive ate steadily. It was disgusting to watch. The past tense froze my tongue. And Olive's face was as blank as a peeled potato.

I saw movement. Gooseberry tarts and currant bread and cream trifle and plum pudding and chocolate bonbons and spice cake -. But there. Wind stirred the grass by the boar's feet. Your poor mother used to be known for her ill breeding too.

The boar gasped for breath and ran on fear and rage. A fat one. One of the hunters limped. Today it had been moved near the food. As I stared. An ordinary carpet with an ordinary design. Something funny happened to me when I looked at it before. You shouldn't pay attention to that old rug. Please tell. We'd follow the instructions exactly and the dish would be delicious. Where's your father? Do you know anyway? Even though she never told you? She was piling up dirty dishes.

She promised. Father was outside at the iron gate. I went to Mandy in the kitchen. They left. Mother and I used to try her recipes sometimes. It's for dinner. Who is it? How is it? Your fairy godmother is me. A drop landed on my finger. We can't stop dying. If she'd left the hair in my curing soup. Mandy was crying too. The rug. I would have if I could. Disappear or something. I pushed out of Mandy's arms for a new look at her. Her face was red and blotchy. Fairies were thin and young and beautiful.

She couldn't be a fairy.

Mandy had gotten the carrots at their sweetest. The soup. The best carrot soup in the world. The spoon descended and a hot -. Why did you let her? Weaving in and out of the carrots were other flavors: Mandy was a fairy! But if Mandy was a fairy. Then Mandy's arms were around me. This was fairy soup. Mandy was as tall as a fairy was supposed to be.

And you'd better keep it a secret. When we don't. That gets them mad too. She wants them to thank her when she gives them one of her awful gifts. Lucinda is the only one who's rude enough and stupid enough. No one knows but you.

And -. But why? The other reason is we're immortal. Lady wouldn't speak to me for a week when her father died. I promise. People know we can do magic.

Two reasons. When they bump up against a particular. People only like the idea of fairies. Would I be able to keep my balance? But there's one way it has already started to show. Shall I live forever? Would Mother have if she hadn't gotten sick? Are there many Friends of the Fairies? Rain pelted the window. Big magic. Your feet haven't grown for a few years. You're the only one left in Kyrria. Use your imagination. Tiny feet were fashionable. Our men stuff their shoes so no one can tell.

You have fairy blood in you. Lucinda's the only one. I'll warrant. Please do it. People could go outside. It's just a drop of fairy blood. I want to see magic. And no. It's the only thing we can't change by magic. It's too dangerous. They are always awful.. Why do I know? I only do little magic. Or maybe I'd cause a flood and people would be killed. That's human.

And then maybe the rain I sent would knock down a branch and smash in the roof of a house. The crops need rain. The owners should have built a stronger roof. I got the broom. The trouble with Lucinda is. I thought. Good cooking. I don't keep track of the whereabouts of Lucinda the Idiot. Fairy blood does not make you clumsy. Watch that bowl! You don't see me dropping plates. Mandy could be wrong. But you'd better hope you never lay eyes on her.

I only know it can be done. Then again. That's the problem with big magic. If I could find her. Or maybe I'd start a drought. The numskull! After all. I took off the apron and left. Father calling one of the servants. Doesn't seem like it. The shards lay there. I started to sweep. It was only to be expected. If you could. Mother never used the bell. I couldn't believe it. What was there to be afraid of? My father wanted to talk to me. Small magic that can't hurt anybody.

Only gnomes can. Handy sometimes. Father sat in Mother's chair. I reached for a fourth dish. I stopped just within the doorway of the study. Bertha came in. The pieces of pottery gathered themselves together and flew into the trash bin. Could hurt someone. I finished drying a plate. You never know. No sharp bits left on the floor.

Bertha was scared of everything. And oh! Strung between a window in each of two towers was a gossamer thread of china from which hung -. I only want to get to know you a bit. Then I took one step forward. I didn't trust him. Father opened the drapes and blew out the candles. An elf made it. It seemed to be silk.

He placed the castle on the mantel. But I glanced at it first. The flames drew pearly tints out of the white walls. Father took it from me. It's heavy for its size. It was the game I played with Mandy. One of Agulen's students made this. They're marvelous potters. I've always wanted an Agulen. I held a porcelain castle no bigger than my two fists. A man's hose. The castle was a sparkling wonderland. I won't bite you.

Father stared at me for a long moment. I sell things. Who could tell? Sir Peter, the merchant. But who are you? That's my nose. I hope you don't mind that the ndstrils flare. My eyes, except yours are green. Most of your face belongs to me. I wonder how it will be on a woman when you grow up. You must be educated. Father laughed, really laughed, head back, shoulders heaving.

What was so funny? I disliked being laughed at. It made me want to say something nice about the loathsome Hattie and Olive. The older one is an unpleasant conniver like her mother and the younger one is a simpleton. It never entered their heads to mean well. You might learn how to walk like the slip of a thing you are and not like a small elephant.

I'd have to leave Mandy. And they'd tell me what to do all the time and I'd have to do it, whatever it was. They'd try to rid me of my clumsiness, but they wouldn't be able to. So they'd punish me, and I'd punish them back, and they'd punish me more.

Ella Enchanted

If I could find someone I would study very hard if I had a governess. He stood and went to the desk where Mother used to work out our household accounts. I have work to do. On my way out, I said, "Perhaps small elephants cannot be admitted to finishing school.

Perhaps small elephants cannot be finished. Perhaps they He was laughing again. I had trouble sitting down at the table because Bertha had made me wear a fashionable gown, and my petticoat was voluminous.

On Father's plate and mine was sparrowgrass covered with a tarragon-mustard sauce. In front of his plate was a many-faceted crystal goblet.

When I finally managed to settle in my chair, Father signaled to Nathan to pour wine into the goblet. Just pretty? He was going to sell it too. Have you ever tasted wine? I reached for the goblet and trailed my balloon sleeves through the sparrowgrass sauce. But the goblet was too far away. I had to stand. I stood on my skirts and lost my balance, pitching forward.

To stop my fall, I brought my arm crashing down on the table and knocked into Father's elbow. He dropped the goblet. It fell and broke neatly into two pieces, stem severed from body. A red stain spread across the tablecloth, and Father's doublet was dotted with wine. I steeled myself for his rage, but he surprised me.

I've made up my mind. It's off to finishing school with you. Wouldn't that be less expensive than sending me away? And I haven't the time to interview governesses. A governess would be much more expensive. I wouldn't! In two days. We will both change our clothes and begin our meal. But sleep was busy elsewhere. It was early evening. Do you understand.

Flora and Rosamunde. And it will not be a pleasant trip if I have to lose time from my trading because of you. When the spring was released. I went up to my room and donned my nightgown. They had stopped sleeping with me years before.

He grinned at me admiringly. The anger in his eyes was so tightly coiled that I didn't know what would happen if his spring were tripped. I'm fine. It was Mandy with Tonic and a box. I felt bad enough. With Father. I hated being frightened. And I do. I gathered them on my stomach and waited for sleep. Father reminded me of a carnival toy. I left the dining room. I pushed Flora against my face. Then I moved my dolls. They may have said I'm impatient.

Tears started. In spite of the hour. They may have said I always have my way.. They were almost alive. I settled myself back in Mandy's lap. Sit up. I closed my eyes. I had never seen such beautiful illustrations. He'd use you.

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But it made me feel better -. Some of the lasses will be lovely. Each spoonful oozed along my throat. Then she shifted her weight. Ready to talk anyway. But I wouldn't anyway.

But there had been only one. I won't have you getting sick when you need your strength.

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I turned the pages. Tonic tasted nutty and good. What would he do? Three spoons. Her family didn't approve because he was poor. I continued to gulp after it was down. Not tonight. Don't you want your presents? Sir Peter was very sweet to Lady. She held me for a long while. She would have wanted you to have it. I settled back into bed.

Gnomes made it. Threads of silver ended almost at my waist in a woven pattern of silver studded with tiny pearls. It's that valuable. It grows on you.

She disentangled herself from my arms. He was beautiful in his tiny ferocity and seemed happiest when flaming. I ran to the front of the house and right into Father. And tell Mandy I'll be back with the bailiff. My favorite exhibits were the talking birds and the exotic animals. He was in the entranceway.

I woke with my fingers curled around Mother's necklace. The clock in King Jerrold's palace was just striking six. When I bumped into her. I put my gown over the necklace and crept down to the pantry. They were hot.

Now I had to bang into someone. I ran off. I bought a morsel of yellow cheese from the stand next to the cage and toasted it in the fire. I started for the royal menagerie just outside the walls of the king's palace. I wanted to rise early and spend the day saying good-bye to the places I loved best. After I apologized. Run off and bang into somebody else. We'll need lunch.

My gowns and stockings and undergarments tumbled onto the tiles. The dragon was kept in an iron cage. I helped her pick them up.

Aside from its dangerous aspects. Except for the hydra in her swamp and the baby dragon. Bertha was carrying wet laundry. As the Lady Eleanor was. We walked along the edge of the moat.

The centaur's nostrils flared and he trotted toward me. I pawed the ground with my right foot and tossed my head as though I had a mane. Then he made an announcement. You're funny. Then Char laughed.

Opening my eyes as wide as they'd go. Beyond the dragon. See how blank their eyes are. I edged closer to the moat. I liked him too. I wondered also whether I would be home to learn his fate. Two other centaurs galloped over. I turned. I wondered what King Jerrold planned to do with him when he grew up.

It was Prince Charmont. Did centaurs like cheese? I walked toward him quietly. I wanted to make him laugh again. Most of the time.

He did laugh. I knew all that. He wasn't haughty or disdainful. I didn't mean to remind you. I tossed the apple. I'm quite taken with you. I stared stupidly at Char and took the apple. The birds spoke all the languages of the earth: I didn't know how to respond. Curtsies often tipped me over.. We came to the parrot cages. All the Kyrrians bowed when we passed. When he saw Char. Then he returned to feeding an orange bird.

Char watched while I said farewell to each bird. I loved to imitate them.

Simon shook his head. It sounds like gargling. I decided on a deep nod. I only know what a few words mean. It was habit. His memory was good. Even though they were locked in. Where did it come from? They knew your secrets just by looking at you. We passed beds of flowers while I tried to teach Char a few of the words he'd just heard.

When they wanted to be. By the end of the second sentence. He became handsome in your eyes. I saw him at the same moment the ogre did.

Ogres weren't dangerous only because of their size and their cruelty. He could reach the child through the unglazed window! I started for the boy. Lest they be frightened out of their feathers. He waved.

An ogre glared at us through a window. Char handed him over. Char backed away. He snatched him up just before the ogre's arm shot out. A toddler gnome poked his head out of an aqueduct only a few feet from the hut. By the end of an ogre's first sentence in Kyrrian. I squeezed the little gnome in my effort to resist.

He started laughing. Then he spoke again. My life and another's depended on it. Now I had to break the curse. I saw nothing. I held back. Then he said in Kyrrian. Another step. My knees began to tremble from the need to walk. The ogre continued to laugh.

And another. I had to do what he wanted. I didn't know how to ask him where they were. I put him down. He was pulling his little beard and wriggling to escape. Their swords pointed at the ogre. I used his distress to avoid answering the question. I spoke them. I command you to stop. There was a dimple in the folds of wrinkles and baby fat. He could see where I was going. I was still having trouble with the child.

I wondered if the parrot's words might soothe him. They weren't by the ferocious beasts or by the grazing animals. The old gnome looked up.

Prince Charmont -. Then she peered at us and recognized Char. He squirmed in her arms. Her wrinkles had wrinkles. More gnomes came. She was the most dignified personage I had ever seen. It was one thing to imitate parrots for Simon or to speak to a baby. And saved me too. At last.

I curtsied. It was another to sound like a fool in front of this stately lady. Her head was between her knees. Her eyes were deep set and their copper color was clouded. My girls have eight trunks between them. What you will wear tomorrow. She and her daughters watched while my trunk and a barrel of Tonic were loaded on top of the coach. I see it. They are close to you.

A younger gnome woman took the child. I have less. Sir Peter. I only hope she won't be a bother. And soon I shall catch a centaur and give it to you. I'm not going. Mandy had said a few gnomes could tell the future. And I have only--" Olive stopped speaking to count on her fingers. We say it as a greeting.

I see outlines only. Sir P. Father was there to see me off. Char said. Dame Olga agreed. I couldn't. I brought it out. And from ogres I could offer little protection. Hattie and Olive were handed in.

If she were alive. A footman opened the coach door. I wouldn't be rolling away from home in the company of these creatures. You'll be fine. I climbed into the coach. Ollie and I so want to see it. For comfort I touched my chest where Mother's necklace was concealed.

Never old. Father said. It didn't matter here. Why wear it under your clothes? Dame Olga continued. There were no thieves to steal it.

I ran to Mandy. But I had to obey. There's a dear. Give it over. May I try it on? Mother lets me try on her necklaces and I never hurt them.

They mustn't see me struggle against the curse. I tried desperately to ignore Olive's order. Hattie's eyes glittered. Although it's much too long for you.. It slipped out I could have swallowed my tongue. It's very fine. You and Ella are both too young--". I wouldn't. It would be a token of our friendship. She couldn't have it. That dust ball is a disgrace..Sit up. In a second I was going to fly apart into a thousand pieces.

My father wanted to talk to me. No other creature would be as selfish as he is. I'll be good. That gets them mad too. Then he spoke again. I could see her start to work out what had happened.