eyes of the lich pdf. EYES OF THE LICH QUEEN PDF - 24 Sep Eyes of a Lich Queen Eyes of the Lich Queen turned out to be the best Eberron. EBERRON: Eyes of the Lich Queen () - Be the first to find the Dragon's Eye! What begins as a simple Watermarked PDF. $ $ As we did with past adventures,we're providing the some of the excerpts for Eyes of the Lich Queen in downloadable, zipped PDF files so that.

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Eyes of the Lich Queen - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Adventure set in Eberron. The Eye is a website dedicated towards archiving and serving publicly available information. #opendirectory #archive #digitalhistory. These really are good. Great content, nicely completed pdf, no technical issues. Excellent art work. With a bit of adaptation you can use these.

Those in my profession make it their business to identify up-and-coming adventurers and explorers. Your activities have not gone unnoticed. What sort of danger? Wildlife and primitive tribes, both expected to be hostile.

What kind of relics? Tablets or slates with ancient writ- ings, lost works of art or symbology, and other equally exciting finds.

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When do we leave? When we have nished our breakfast and these negotiations. The lightning rail departs this afternoon. Can you pay more?

It is a fair wage, and my research indicates that you will be well compensated by your share of the wealth to be found at the site. If Surkils attitude is helpful a DC 20 Diplomacy check : I could be prepared to pay as much as gp per week.

I trust that you are worth that much. Surkil gives each PC a pouch lled with gp.

If the PCs bargained for more, he indicates that their additional down payment will be given to them once they board the rail. Give the PCs time to download supplies, then have them proceed to the lightning rail station. The lightning rail takes the PCs south to Korranberg. Once in the coastal city, the party boards the Swiftwind, a chartered House Lyrandar galleon setting sail for Adder- port on the Qbarran coast.

The journey takes just over a weekapproximately three days overland following ve days at sea. During this time, Surkil elaborates on the mission and its goals. The location you will be surveying is in the jungles of the Q barran penin- sula, to the south of the great volcano of Hakatorvhak. From Adderport, you will have a five-day trek inland to the site of the Temple of Khashazul.

This temple is your destination and the site of the relics you seek. The temple is now used by a tribe of lizardfolk worshipers of some half-fiend dragon god.

From what I understand, they demand tribute from other lizard folk tribes in the region, so I would expect them to be armed and capable.

However, the temple and its inhabitants are merely an obstacle. I believe that the Temple of Khashazul hides a deeper secret, one unknown even to the current inhabitants. My research indicates the temple occupies a place where an ancient demon was cast down. Such places were guarded, in legend, by half-dragon beasts. Somewhere beneath that temple, I believe that the crypt of one such ancient creature lies, along with relics of that time.

Surkil gives the PCs a map indicating the trails and land- marks that will take them to the Temple of Khashazul.

He also gives them a small box containing five vials of antitoxin in case you run into local inhabitants and two sending stones see page He instructs the PCs to use a sending stone to contact him once they nd any relics, or if they are turning back empty-handed. Though they primarily reside in the Basura Swamp to the north, their ancient holy sites and burial grounds can be found through- out the peninsula.

The recent waves of Khorvairians building settlements along the Adder Valley and in the foothills of the Endworld Mountains have inadvertently despoiled huge numbers of these sacred locations. Two lizardfolk subspecies are particularly violent: the poison dusks and the blackscales.

Poison dusk liz- ardfolk are smaller than their standard kin, standing between 3 and 4 feet tall. Skilled hunters, they harbor an intense hatred of the humanoid invaders of their land. The blackscales are a larger, stronger breed of lizardfolk that use their size to bully and intimidate other lizard- folk of the region. The poison dusk tribes and the blackscales are fanatically devoted to Rhashaak, the half-fiend black dragon charged with guarding the ancient demon city of Hakatorvhak.

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The blackscales serve as the dragons warriors and priests, while the nomadic poison dusks are typically scouts and raiders. Though the other lizardfolk tribes of the region offer tribute to Rhashaak, they avoid the blackscale and poison dusk tribes.

Explorers Handbook offers more information on Hakatorvhak and its end- ish guardian.

The Swiftwind arrives in the town of Adderport along Qbarras southern coast. A major trading center, Adder- port allows the PCs access to goods and services normally found in for a city twice its size. Approximately one day out from the Temple of Khashazul, the PCs encounter a group of Cold Sun lizardfolk return- ing from a recent visit to the temple.

Their tribe is being extorted by the blackscales, and this group has just made an offering of food and treasure to the temple defenders in exchange for their villages safety. Each encounter is nicely mapped out and given about two pages of stats and tactics. I really like this approach and it made the adventure very easy for me to run.

The second part is a race with the Emerald Claw as each group is after the same information. The second part has the player characters traveling a bit and accomplishing different tasks.

One odd think is the invasion of Dreadhold. In Eberron Dreadhold is the maximum security prison and not an easy place to break into.

Eyes of the Lich Queen

There was a great article in one of the Dragon Magazines that has a great write up on the security and guards of Dreadhold.

It is too bad all of that was ignored and for this module getting into and back out of the prison is really not that difficult. The module matches the difficulty with the level the PCs should be instead of making it as tough as the place seems to be to accomplish what it is.

The third section has the group on an haunted island. There are plenty of oppurtunities for random encounters for people that like that kind of thing.

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There are some neat encounters on the island that are staged but not really important. They feel like random encounters that the writer just wanted to include to make this part of the module a little thicker. The climatic battle though in this part is really cool against a nasty Quori.

It was a very tough battle worked out really well for us. The last section takes the player characters all the way to Argonnessen. This is the dragon continent and a place of great danger but once again like Dreadhold the encounters are set up to be appropriate for the Player characters and not give the feeling of danger that the continent is known for.

A lot of the encounters here do take advantage of many books so there are a wider variety of opponents.

I like to see options from other books being used and all the information is here so that other book is not needed. The adventure ends with a great tower and their new dragonmarks give them additional advantages as they get higher in the tower so they can face a few tougher encounters.

But it makes it too easy. For the great encounter with the Blue dragon the players are also given the abilities of Fast Healing 5 and Improved Evasion.

It was a neat idea but either the Dragon needed to be tougher or the powers given a little less powerful. Eyes of the Lich Queen is a fun multi adventure adventure. I like the going to many places that are way off the beaten path.This past season, blackscales threaten to destroy our tribe unless we give tribute. He replies to any PC queries with simple statements such as, We not want trouble. Warning: If any books bearing your information are found being distributed illegally, then your account will be suspended and legal action may be taken against you.

I really like this approach and it made the adventure very easy for me to run. The journey takes just over a weekapproximately three days overland following ve days at sea. Also, a few larger books may be resampled to fit into the system, and may not have this searchable text background. The characters are caught up in this web of intrigue, facing down the curse of the Dragon's Eye even as they try to escape the wrath of the lich queen.