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Downloads PDF Half Lost (The Half Bad Trilogy), PDF Downloads Half Lost Book Details Author: Sally Green Pages: Publisher: Viking. Short Stories · Book Series · Truths · Timeline Photos · Sally · Free · Gabriel · Ebooks · Download Half Truths: A Half Bad Story by Sally Green .epub) #. Visit. Laddas ned direkt. Köp Half Bad av Sally Green på inevosisan.ml Format: E-bok; Filformat: EPUB med Adobe-kryptering. Om Adobe-kryptering.

His father is a notorious Black Witch, a murderer of hundreds. A name reviled by the White Witch community. As his son, Nathan is despised. Nobody loves him but most of his immediate family. Not his mother, because his mother is dead. Dead because of him. Jessica shouts at me. His other siblings and Gran love him and try to protect him, but they can only do so much against a world that is inclined to discriminate against those with Half Black blood.

This is not a happy book. Throughout the book, we see how the world turns against Nathan. From his own sister, who constantly tries to intimidate him, to the bullies at school, who pound him into the ground. Niall catches me on the side of the head with the brick and Connor is clinging on to me.

Then I get rammed in my back, which must be with the brick again. It reverberates down my spine and stops me dead. Pain and misery and torture. That is the extent of Nathan's life. It never stops. He puts the point back into my left shoulder blade and I clench my jaw and scream while he makes another cut.

And I am going mad screaming and praying for someone to make him stop. But he makes another cut and then another and all I can do is scream and pray. Even his mentor is more prisoner than friend. The routine is the same as ever.

And so is the cage. And so are the shackles. The choker is still on, loose but there. It never seems to end. I scream and curse him and move my finger as much as I can but the ring tightens and the needle goes into me again. He moves on to the top of my finger, over the fingernail.

The needle goes through again. That's pretty much the entire book. There is a lot of torture, a lot of pain, and some very vague plans to find his daddy. Actually, his name is Marcus. So I must go to him. I must go and find my father. The Setting: Vague as fuck.

There is just no background. It is a contemporary English setting, without much of the setting at all. Alexandra Herard pinned post 2 Dec Tom Vickery Jul 9, at 4: Leave a comment Tom Vickery Aug 12, at 4: Mead, Richelle - Vampire Academy Mead, Richelle - Vampire Academy 02 - Frostbite.

Mead, Richelle - Bloodlines 01 - Bloodlines. Mead, Richelle - Bloodlines 03 - Indigo Spell. Mead, Richelle - Bloodlines 05 - Silver Shadows.

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Tom Vickery Aug 13, at 4: The other "Vampire Diaries" for Akshay. His fucking soulmate? Hasn't he been through enough already?

Nathan deserves so much better. And so fucking does Gabriel. His death didn't make any sense and didn't serve any other purpose than to mess Nathan's life up. Dear Sally Green, what the fuck? Nathan survived getting locked up in a fucking cage, was bullied and abused, lost his family and was used as a weapon in a war when he was I repeat, seven-fucking-teen.

So what do we do with him? Kill off the last bit of life-joy he has and turn him into a tree. What a twist! I have one last thing to say. Fuck you. Mar 29, C. READ 2, November This book gave me anxiety. Also I freaking love it. I love this whole series. The characters are real , so so real. I didn't read this book I fell into it. The powerful writing, the agony, the triumph, the wildness and the brokenness have completely swallowed me whole.

I love it, ok.

I truly love this trilogy. READ 1: I don't even know how to word right now. Okay but honestly: And I love this series. It is the most best and underrated series of my LIFE. Seriously, ever since I read Half Bad , I kind of suffocated under the realisation that this was raw, beautiful genius. The writing inspires me. Um, yeah, I've lived that long. In book years , okay? I get so choked up reading these books.

I want to re-read them a million times. PS I am broken. This book is a lot shorter than the others. And it is the perfect length. There is so much less weird-wacky formatting though? I liked how the formatting reflects Nathan and how he's maturing and changing.

Buuuut I did miss it, because it's one of the biggest reasons I liked bk 1 so much. It was perfect.

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This is a ship that I have not shipped quite so aggressively in a long time. I JUST. And Nathan is nasty in this book and Gabriel doesn't just take it which I love and I was so so worried and then I was so so happy and then I was so so -- um. I shall not tell you my finale emotions.

I see a big reconciliation ahead for you two: Wait is it Gathan or Nabriel? I just loved reading it so so much. Oh shush everything, I need to talk spoilers: So I knew that I would let Gabriel die.

And it was horrifying. And I choked up. Do you realise how often I cry in books?

And then Nathan turned into a tree over his grave. I am ridiculously okay with this. I honestly can't remember them sleeping together, but I guess the did earlier in the series and I just blocked it haha. Anyway Nathan's kid is Edge and he never met his father.

I suppose he could meet a tree but it ain't the same. And I'm assuming the person who narrates the last chapter is Celia??? Idek why they didn't say her name. I am a mess. I am a freaking bloody mess right now, I cannot even with this precious book.

[EPub][PDF] Half Lost (The Half Bad Trilogy, #3) Online by Sally Green

I loved Gabriel and Nathan so so much. Were you lost? View all 37 comments. Apr 06, Kiki rated it it was ok. I'm so angry at this book, and not because it was sad, and not because I always want a happy ending I don't , and not because I think that in order for a book to be good it has to have a happy ending.

That's not the case at all. I'm so angry at this book because it felt like the entire thing was just window dressing for the Shocking Ending. And I know that anyone who thinks the ending was ridiculous and pointless and depraved is going to be accused of wanting "rainbows and unicorns" but guess f I'm so angry at this book, and not because it was sad, and not because I always want a happy ending I don't , and not because I think that in order for a book to be good it has to have a happy ending.

And I know that anyone who thinks the ending was ridiculous and pointless and depraved is going to be accused of wanting "rainbows and unicorns" but guess fucking what: Meanwhile, exactly 0 queer people had happy endings. You have a gay boy dying in his lover's arms and then a bisexual boy killing himself by turning himself into a tree.

I'm not okay with this, and nor am I okay with this book being really flat and lacklustre, filled with battle strategy that I couldn't follow, filled with Nathan fucking hating himself forevermore and never being allowed to heal either from losing Gabriel or from his war trauma or from the abuse he suffered in his teenage.

Do not tell me that "well, it's a war book" because we've had shitloads of war books that have been painfully, epically sad and horrible and yet have not ended with this ridiculous shock value ending. Why kill Gabriel off? Why leave this protagonist to suffer for years before ultimately ending his own life at the age of twenty-two? If this had been an adult book, it still would have been problematic, but much less so.

But you're writing a war book for teens, so don't pretend that there isn't any morality at all between these pages. So what is this book saying? There's no way to recover if you're broken. Forget it. Fuck life. Or, if you're broken and straight, you might be all right, but if you're broken and queer, you can FORGET ever being happy again.

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But the thing is that I didn't sign on for that shitty pointless soapbox finale, and neither did I sign on to consume another piece of media that ends with more sad, dead queer people. I'm fucking sick of it and when I cried at the end of this, they weren't, "Oh, I'm so sad but enjoying this" tears, they were "I'm so sad and furious and there is no hope here, there is nothing but hatred, nothing to take away from it, nothing at all".

Van's death adds to this in that she was coded as gender non-conforming and yeah, of course, she died too. Yeah, but you sent boatloads of cis, hetero characters off to live in peace while the only queer characters died. Yeah, but finding a decent well-written fantasy book with queer protagonists has odds. Finding a decent well-written fantasy book with ANY queer characters is pretty rare in itself, so when you then kill off all of those queer characters, who's fucking left?

You have control over it, and symbolism is something that you create. There is no symbolism in the real world, but novels are full of it. It's the whole point of them.

Look at the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series: Absolutely devastatingly sad. But it didn't rely on killing off the only marginalized characters for shock value. In fact, almost all of the main characters survived. Did that make it less shocking? Did that make it less sad? Look at The Hunger Games: And it was also devastatingly sad, so honest and open and frank about the cost of war, and yet our protagonists didn't end up slumping down and giving up.

They were not destroyed by their trauma. What do we look for in war novels? Do we look for messages of bloodshed, of violence, of the awful darkness in humanity? Why do we look for that? What's the point in reading war novels just to revel in how fucking dreadful people can be to each other?

A war novel that champions hope in the face of incredible adversity, that reminds us of the good that people can do even when they'd been compelled to do bad, and that speaks of the light at the end of the tunnel, is infinitely more compelling than a war book that throws its characters into a meat grinder and then does nothing with it. I'm not asking for a book about how everything always works out fine after a war, essentially preaching that war is necessary, no - I'm looking for a book like Daughter of Smoke and Bone that rejects war completely, that presents peace as always being the better option, that speaks of the total senselessness that is organized violence.

Karou said to her people, "What do you see in our future? It doesn't ask whether or not war is necessary, and it doesn't scream "Yeah, I'm super gritty" and it doesn't annihilate its only marginalized characters just to show off how Super Dark it is. It rejects the idea of war altogether and illustrates how absolutely pointless it is. I loved the first two books in this series, because it seemed like this was the direction they were going. Waking up to how peace is the only way to move forward.

The characters felt so real to me, and Nathan's voice was so strong, and I was so connected to it.

But this brilliant protagonist who had survived being locked in a cage, mutilated, emotionally and physically abused, and ostracized by society was reduced to sad, just sad in Half Lost.

I'm just so angry about this. And it's not even all about the Kill Your Gays trope. It's about the waffling storyline, the confusing action, the total lack of a satisfying ending. There's about half a sentence of resolution for every major character we've been following over the course of the series and I actually could not believe that it cut off where it did: I'm still crying about this but they aren't cute tears. They're fucking irritated tears.

View all 30 comments. Apr 10, mith marked it as maybe-read Shelves: Do I care that it's a tree? The whole of Half Wild has left me shipping Gabriel and Nathan like no fucking tomorrow. It has also left me hating Annalise, but I think that was there since Half Bad Mar 30, Bek rated it did not like it Shelves: This review is NOT spoiler free — please proceed at your own peril. Let me count the ways I feel so betrayed. And then she did it. She did it good. View all 24 comments.

Mar 30, venus rated it did not like it Shelves: Lmao, Green sure had fun jerking us around. When in doubt, queerbait! Even better if you can do it personally by interacting with your LGBT readers on your twitter: Watch them download your book!

Then see them talk about wanting to kill themselves because of how your plotline made them feel and take no accountability! This book was such a "ride". Because y'know, what a revolutionary ending, one more dead gay kid and one more abused bi kid who don't get a happy ending. Maybe some day I'll be able to be objective about this. Maybe some day I'll write a proper review. But honestly, it was deplorable how you acted, Sally Green, how you gave young lgbt readers - young abuse survivors who related with Nathan, hope that he would come out of his struggles alright, happy, healthy and alive.

You already stabbed us once, you didn't need to twist the knife in deeper. Eat my ass out. View all 7 comments. Mar 24, O. Such a tragic love story Always so hopeless. Like the ring, forever. Respect,loyalty and devotion. Tragic war kids with one [spoilers] Why precious Gabby ; now every happy scene hurts.

Tragic war kids with one simple dream they shared,hold onto to survive,brutally snatched away last second,when it was over. That's why both didn't make it. I wanted all whites to pay. Kill them all like Marcus said. They were dicks. But in the end most got away with everything after making blacks' lives hell for years,even at the camp treating like tools and using slurs to describe them.

Anna ruined everything and sickeningly simply excused herself, got happiest ending. Nat suffered,lost everything and not all paid. After he lost Gab he did not even have strength for revenge anymore. Poor boys. I hated people always controlling Nat Hated the "equality" scene,glad he went against it,but at the end ended up so broken he didnt even care anymore.

Where was fairness? Fought for the better future when they could just left. While Anna who done no good, worked against them, hurt Nathan, let her brothers torture him, murdered his father who could possibly have saved Gab, never worked for happiness, EXCUSED herself, got the happiest ending imaginable and others, just not Nat, forgave her.

Yet so expected: She never cared so just moved on. Im mad Sally let her live and killed Gab. Sick Why Gab out of everybody? To take the last hope away. Makes me ill. Gabby deserved to live, not her. She got away with everything as he died for loving. Why he paid for loving? Such a stab. And with that Nat's last sanity, Gab his dream, gone. Only the thought of him saved him at the council but then he pretty much died with him.

The fact that he waited to change into a tree proved he wanted to do it forever, not change first thing out of desperation to come back when healed. I loved Nat's reaction to Gab's death. This is how it was meant to be esp as Gab would't have died if not him. He knew Gab only stayed because he loved him. Gab died, knowing their dream wont ever come true, there will be no Wales, he won't ever see them, be with Nat after everything was finally starting to seem possible.

He was so happy It was heartbreaking. I don't get hurting those who fought and gifting those who did not or worse. Im grateful that if Gab had to die then Nat's reaction was the one written beginning when he was looking for him. Gab was everything to him and that's it. Left the war: They both were in it only for Nat. Sparing his sister killed Gab.

Taking Amulet saved Nat but killed Gab in result. Gab was completely sacrificed. If they just left the war like Gab wanted to I think that was part of why Nat completely broke. She who only hurt him survived. Like they dreamed. Love only growing stronger. I loved Gab not letting Nat treat him bad,Nat feeling bad "how could I? The ring scene!

They only had one dream. They were each other's dream. I'm so heartbroken and emotionally drained. Glad Nat was too.

(Book Download) Half Lost (The Half Bad Trilogy) by Sally Green

But I just can't accept that the sunshine of the story is dead. It's not how it was meant to end. Poor war kid, he just wanted to live in peace. Never lived to see Wales,be happy. Only his body was taken there.

Just when they thought it was over A second of relief. Happiness snatched away suddenly,poor Gabby trying to hold on,Nat scared,desperate holding his hands,him,begging,screaming,kissing,hugging,loving They deserved happiness the most after only suffering so hopeless.

They were teased, the visions, hopes, promises Be there for each other. They finally got together! Truly believed in it. Dreamed about it,clung to it. Worked for it. Just one dream they shared. But they were the ones who never got their happiness. Yet others did. I didnt like it "Wounded, not lost" They were just boys.

Didnt they suffer enough? Gab did want to leave the war which would have saved his life. If he only did,he could had an ending like Nesbitt He could have been happy. But he stayed for Nat, trusting in their innocent dream. Nat's reaction to his death was perfect. I would not be satisfied if he moved on after Gab sacrificed himself,died for him. They gave their lives to each other. They were both invited to Nes's wedding, Gab was meant to take care of Nat I liked that.

For Nathan, who suffered more than enough, too. Because it could have been different if they left like Gabby wanted to. I think that was what broke Nat too. He knew Gab wanted to leave tired of everything, of being hungry Nat's worry over his thinness!

Nat proved he loves Gab just as much as he loved him. Beyond anything If anybody deserved a happy ending it was them. His death was only accepted by me because the other suffered so much because of it.

But it still hurt. Esp since people like Anna survived happy but Gab did not.Is there even a fucking point? She has blue eyes and long pale eyelashes. Error rating book. I try to be a good model for Karen, arching my hips so she can look inside me.

Why would you do that?????!!!