Results 1 - 24 of 24 Cited by: Papers (1) Abstract | PDF file icon .. The IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC) is a scholarly journal dedicated to the. Results 1 - 18 of 18 PDF file icon PDF ( The Last Issue of IEEE Cloud Computing Magazine— for Now . Toward a Theoretical Model of Cloud Computing. Results 1 - 25 of Abstract | PDF file icon In this paper, we design and impleme. Big-Sensor- Cloud Infrastructure: A Holistic Prototype for Provisioning Sharing and Conditional Dissemination with Multi-Owner in Cloud Computing.

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In this paper, we explore the concept of cloud architecture and compares cloud In this paper, we investigate several cloud computing system providers .. Challenges,” 24th IEEE International Conference on Advanced. Information . PDF | Cloud Computing is a recently emerged paradigm, for sure out of infancy but yet not matured, This paper surveys the weaknesses in Cloud architecture, internet protocols, operating Fort Lauderdale, Florida: IEEE. PDF | Cloud computing is a rapidly developing and excellent promising technology. This paper will explore the background and service models and also .. [7] Tharam Dillon, Chen Wu, Elizabeth Chang, 24th IEEE International.

References 1. Mell, P. Subashini, S.

Top Threats to the Cloud Computing V1. Babu, J. International Journal of Engg. Research and Tech. Chandran, S. Munir, K. Sravani, K. Chen, D. Behl, A. Mahmood, Z.

Attas, D. Arockiam, L. The way computer-stored information and personal data can cause new data security challenges. Sharing delicate information will enable undertakings to lessen the cost of giving clients customized benefits and offer some incentive included information services.

But before outsourcing, sensitive data have to be encrypted for protecting data privacy. This system was developed in Asp. Computers today have become indispensable tools.

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They are fast changing Introduction to Cloud Computing free download ABSTRACT - Cloud computing itsa type Internet based computing which provides you shared processing resources and data to systems and other devices on respective demand. Using services, we can resolve problem like resource sharing, storage capacity and data transfer bottlenecks etc. Due to a large number of users, it becomes more significant to provide high availability of services to cloud users.

This paper studies the task scheduling in cloud computing analyzes the programming model framework of cloud computing and proposes a hybrid scheduling algorithm based on genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm.

As compared to the ratio of requirement of the blood very less amount of people donate the blood, hence the requirement of the blood increases.

From the green house easily get soil moisture, humidity and temperature sensor value to android app, according to sensors A computing utility has been a dream of computer scientists, engineers, and industry luminaries for several decades. With a utility model of computing an application can start small and grow to be big enough overnight. Cloud computing has been growing rapidly in the world over the past decade. The Studies and development of this system has met the demand of large number of users in the world.

If we visit any IT companies, it will be sure that they will talk about cloud computing.

But interesting thing is to note that if we asks about cloud computing to ten different professionals, they will give ten different answers, and those are EDSMCCE: Different users place their data in the cloud. Hence, the fact that users no longer have physical possession of the possibly huge size of outsourced data causes the data A Study on Enhancing Data Security in Cloud Computing Environment free download ABSTRACT Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing model which provides several resources through Cloud Service Providers to Cloud Users on-demand basis without downloading the underlying infrastructure and follows pay-per-use basis.

The purpose of the present study is to introduce the advantages of implementing cloud computing in the health industry of Iran, which was conducted through a Optimizing Power Consumption in Cloud Computing based on Optimization and Predictive Analysis free download ABSTRACT Due to the budget and the environmental issues, achieving energy efficiency gradually receives a lot of attentions these days.

In our previous research, a prediction technique has been developed to improve the monitoring statistics.

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However, most of them must be performed on a timely basis and are associated with a deadline. We propose to schedule these flows by a central The proposed work concentrates on the networking facets of sensor-cloud infrastructures-one of the first attempts of its kind. In a sensor-cloud, multiple sets of physical sensor nodes that are activated based on an application demand, in turn give rise to multiple distinct virtual sensors VSs.

The VSs are considered to span across multiple geographical regions; thereby, depositing the data fro In mobile cloud networks MCNs , a mobile user is connected with a cloud server through a network gateway, which is responsible for providing the required quality-of-service QoS to the users.

If a user increases its service demand, the connecting gateway may fail to provide the requested QoS due to the overloaded demand, while the other gateways remain underloaded.

Due to the increase in load in Femtocell access points FAPs are equipped with computational resources. They share their resources with neighboring FAPs and form local clouds with the aim to avoid the remote cloud costs while improving the user quality of experience QoE in terms of handling latency.

In exchange for sharing their excess resources, Fast interactive response in mobile cloud computing is an emerging area of interest. Execution of applications inside the remote cloud increases the delay and affects the service quality. To avoid this difficulty cloudlet is introduced.

Cloudlet provides the same service to the device as cloud at low latency but at high bandwidth.

CCIS 2019 : 6th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems

But selection of a cloudlet for offloading computation at low power Performance monitoring of datacenters provides vital information for dynamic resource provisioning, anomaly detection, and capacity planning decisions. Online monitoring, however, incurs a variety of costs: With the goal of reducing these costs, this paper develops and validates a strat How can applications be deployed on the cloud to achieve maximum performance? This question is challenging to address with the availability of a wide variety of cloud Virtual Machines VMs with different performance capabilities.

The research reported in this paper addresses the above question by proposing a six step benchmarking methodology in which a user provides a set of weights that indicate In this paper we present DRIVE, a distributed service-based system designed to facilitate an open economic market for federating Cloud providers.

To address the challenges associated with market ownership and operation we propose the use of a co-operative co-op infrastructure in which the services that make up DRIVE are hosted across participants' resources. To prevent malicious behavior we use Providing real-time cloud services to Vehicular Clients VCs must cope with delay and delay-jitter issues. Fog computing is an emerging paradigm that aims at distributing small-size self-powered data centers e.

Motivated by these considerations, in this paper, we propose a The latest advances in mobile devices and the widespread diffusion of networked objects are driving the evolution of traditional Mobile Cloud Computing MCC systems toward a new framework where storage, computing, sensing, and other device capabilities are offered as a service at the network edge. This visionary scenario, encompassing heterogeneous resources generated, shared, and consumed everyw The new generations of mobile devices have high processing power and storage, but they lag behind in terms of software systems for big data storage and processing.

Hadoop is a scalable platform that provides distributed storage and computational capabilities on clusters of commodity hardware. Building Hadoop on a mobile network enables the devices to run data intensive computing applications witho This paper aims to optimize cloud services' net profits and penalties with live placement of interdependent virtual machines VMs.

This optimization is a complex task as it is difficult to achieve a successful compromise between penalties and net profits on service level contracts. This paper studies this optimization problem to minimize services' penalties and maximizing net profits while achiev Mobile vehicular cloud has become popular with the rapid development of cloud computing and mobile computing. Nested loops are usually the most critical part in multimedia and high performance Digital Signal Processing DSP systems which are widely used in vehicular applications and systems.

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In order to further explore the parallelism in nested loops, we study how to maximize the system performan Nowadays, most users carry high computing power mobile devices where speech recognition is certainly one of the main technologies available in every modern smartphone, although battery draining and application performance resource shortage have a big impact on the experienced quality. Shifting applications and services to the cloud may help to improve mobile user satisfaction as demonstrated by Nowadays, many MapReduce applications consist of groups of jobs with dependencies among each other, such as iterative machine learning applications and large database queries.

Unfortunately, the MapReduce framework is not optimized for these multi-job applications. It does not explore the execution overlapping opportunities among jobs and can only schedule jobs independently.

These issues signific Mobile devices may offload their applications to a virtual machine running on a cloud host. This application may fork new tasks which require virtual machines of their own on the same physical machine.

Achieving satisfactory performance level in such a scenario requires flexible resource allocation mechanisms in the cloud data center.Subashini, S. Skip to Main Content. This article gives an overview of the major aspects of GDPR related to provision, use, and maintenance of cloud services and technologies.

Christine Miyachi 1. Chunming Rong 3.

Gentry, C. Rajiv Ranjan 1. University of Texas at San Antonio 1.

Since it offers huge savings in business In little over a generation we have gone from a world where computers were seen as some sort of magical calculating engine to a position where almost everyone in the developed world is touched by or empowered by technology. Evaluating Distributed Computing Infrastructures: