Book design: Astrid Sandell. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Webster, Richard, Astral travel for beginners / Richard Webster. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Astral Travel for Beginners: Transcend Time and Space wit and millions of other books are .. And you can learn this skill in Richard Webster's Astral Travel for Beginners. Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App.

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Richard Webster – Download Books and Biography However, only one of them , Astral Travel for Beginners, is completely devoted to the phase state(astral projection, lucide dreaming and Check similar free ebook and download it. Oct 3, Indological Books, 'The Abc of Astral Travel - Richard' first one to write a review. Views. 5 Favorites. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Be the first to ask a question about Astral Travel for Beginners . I'm so NOT a beginner, but I'm going to read this any way because Richard Webster is fantastic .

He looks it up in the dictionary and finds the page is missing. The mentalist removes a page from his pocket and shows that it is the missing page, and the word the wife was concentrating on is circled.

You are provided with a specially printed, page dictionary, which can be used as a normal dictionary. You also get the hilarious routine that has been perfected over hundreds of performances.

You provide your own novel. For the last two years I have been telling everyone that I had sold out of these, but when we moved house I found another box.

Because of the difficulties in production this will not be reprinted. They provided a wonderful opportunity to develop as a performer and as a reader. Every night my performing situation was different, and to get repeat bookings my readings had to be of a consistently high standard. This book outlines everything I did at these parties, from the first contact over the phone to the thank you letter I sent afterwards. The 15 chapters cover: what exactly is a home psychic party? The actual business cards and letters I used are included.

I also include details of Psychometry Parties and Psychic Development Parties for people who want more.

Richard Webster – Download Books and Biography

Very little has been written on this lucrative area of mentalism. The wonderful thing is that you can start these parties in your own neighbourhood and not have to travel vast distances to make a living. This material got me started as a full-time entertainer. A complete reading is included, along with an annotated explanation to make it as clear as possible.

Other chapters cover: extending the length of your readings, repeat business, the first 10 minutes of the reading, and how to make money in private practice. Being a private reader can be extremely lucrative. Learn how to do it in this book.

As they usually cannot afford to pay a fee, they find it hard to attract good speakers. Talking to these groups offers you a variety of benefits: It increases your visibility in the community. It enables you to hone your speaking skills and develop new talks.

It gives you an opportunity to sell products and services after your talk. It gives you an opportunity to pitch for future paid shows. Everything is included to get you started in this niche market, and make money giving free talks.

It describes exactly how I self-promoted my show, and what I did to make it financially successful. The rest of the book covers how to make a good living if you live in a small town.

آمار وبلاگ

This book is for people who live in a small market, or are interested in taking their show into smaller communities. The evenings are part lecture, part demonstration, and are fun for the spectators—and easy for the performer to present.

A complete sample evening is included, word for word. Part One is on selling computerized charts, covering which charts sell best, where to get them and how to market them. Part Two covers selling readings on cassette. The bulk of this section is on clairvoyancy readings, but my other readings are also covered.

An entire clairvoyancy reading is included to show you exactly how I do them. Selling readings by mail creates an excellent extra source of income for both the psychic entertainer and cold reader.

The Abc Of Astral Travel Richard Webster

This book contains everything you need to know to start offering your own classes on psychic development. For years I have done these in my own home, and almost always have a waiting list of people wanting to attend.

This book explains every detail of my course, which is held for ninety minutes a week for six weeks. I tell you how to get clients, what to teach them, and what items to sell to them. One of the features of my course is that I hand out 24 sheets of detailed notes. These are all included in the book, ready for you to use yourself. If you put your name and address on these, they become advertisements, as your students will show them to others.

My classes are entertaining and fun for the participants. Most psychic classes are dull and boring, with the students spending most of their time writing down notes from a blackboard. Mine are designed to be enjoyable and practical. All of the experiments I use are explained, along with much of my patter. You can make a good part-time or full-time living teaching these classes. Everything you need to know is included. His friends have contributed 87 effects.


In addition, there are 17 tips and articles for psychic readers, 3 suggestions for psychic entertainers, and 7 routines and suggestions for people who perform genuine psychic work. Very useful material. Included is a camera-ready pitch book for you to take to your own printer and have your name listed on the front as being the author. This page pitch book, called Your Lucky Stars! I also include a lecture that utilizes the pitch book, and makes people want to download your book.

Also included are 13 ideas on how to sell pitch books, even if you are not a performer. You can do reasonably well without a business plan.

I did for years. Once I discovered the advantages of using a plan, however, I started to make much more money with less effort than before. My business plan forced me to focus my energies and devise ways to achieve my various goals.

I finally knew where I was going. You can draw up your own business plan very quickly. Using this system you can do psychometry anywhere, any time. A chapter on traditional methods of doing psychometry is included, plus some background information, and a chapter of effects and routines. Highly recommended.

This book also includes a complete introduction to all six of the most popular types of readings.

Richard Webster

In this book he covers: Who are your clients? Why do people visit psychic readers? What problems do your clients have? The two stages of a psychic reading. The ethics of giving psychic readings. Repeat business. How to promote your psychic business. The advantages of using a system. The basics of crystal reading. Charles also provides a brief history of psychic reading, and discusses the people who helped and influenced him in his career as a psychic reader.

We expected just a few to respond, but all of them were keen to contribute their knowledge and expertise. This is the largest book of material devoted solely to this useful art. It is the only book of its kind that has ever been produced, and contains material for any mentalists or readers seeking to maximize their skills and earning potential.

Neal Scryer is the pseudonym of a well-known New York psychic entertainer who has used the information in these books to make a good living for many decades. I am starting to think that I may need to do more healing before my mind will allow me to truly appreciate astral projection. Since, when I have occasionally reached this state I've found that the experiences has provided me with more questions then answers which need addressing before I can experience it again.

New age book stores have books on a. Web sites have mp3 you can down load , the ones on you tube are free. I can post more if asked.

Monroe died in at the age of A great book with a lot of information and verified cases of astral travel, with a lot of information about other books and experiments done last years, excellent as a reference for giving to skeptics who want to research more. The book was co-written by psychic researcher Carrington, but it was Muldoon who had the astral travels.

It's one of the earlier classics that started this whole astral research in the West. This was published in and it has some of his experiences.

See a Problem?

Just pages. An older book from with experiences from many people.

He died in at the age of Wrote many books on astral travel. Yram's real name was Dr.She felt that astral traveling was aunt died. Some people find it hard to believe that we can actu- Some years ago, my wife tried to wake me up on a ally be two people inside the same body, and that we Saturday morning by shaking me.

All are simple to perform, yet have a powerful effect on the audience. All the same, I less, which means they are exacdy the same as most fears was pleased that the return was so rapid, because it that people have. Space was nothing to spirit! The mentalist removes a page from his pocket and shows that it is the missing page, and the word the wife was concentrating on is circled.

Your client is asked to answer three questions, and from these the sheet is filled out in seconds. He reported that he saw clouds The Astral Plane of energy at the instant of death, and that these gradual- T h e astral plane appears to be a parallel universe to ly formed an astral double that hovered horizontally just ours. In the dream state, astral travel is concerned. It includes ideas for readers, and effects for both close-up and stand-up performers.