New In Chess is the premier chess magazine in the world, read by club players in a complete issue, #8, for you te preview the magazine as a PDF. About New In Chess · Your Password · New In Chess magazine · New In Chess magazine F.A.Q. · New In Chess books · New In Chess Yearbook · New In. Title: New In Chess, Format: pdf Quality: good Size: 2 Gb Download book. New In Chess Magazine - download.

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Author: New In Chess Title: Magazine №3 Released: Format: pdf/rar Quality : good Size: 15 Mb Download book. New In Chess Magazine has long been the world's top chess magazine, . A PDF file of this week's review, along with all previous reviews. It's easier than ever to enjoy New In Chess, a must-read magazine for all chess aficionados. You can read the magazine, tap on the chess games and replay all.

And of course there is an abundance of exclusive masterclasses by elite players from all over the world. Perhaps that's why New In Chess is also In issue 2 you will find pages of the best in chess with Carlsen, Kasparov, Aronian, Kramnik, Fischer and many others Carlsen sets record with 6th win The 80th New In Chess 3 covers Berlin Candidates and Caruana's win and of course masterclasses by elite players from all over the world.

Issue 3 brings you pages of the best in chess It's Fabiano Caruana The FIDE Candidates tournament in Berlin brought more drama, hypnotizing clashes and permanently shifting story lines than New in Chess has 8 issues a year with more than pages of the very best in chess: But then the World Champion stalled and it was his upcoming Challenger who crowned a mighty comeback. Play It Again, Sam Hot on the heels Sadler on Books Five stars!

Twice Just Checking Jorden InterVentura, The Grandmaster Guide to Opening News. A line which Giri scored 2. With a game annotated by the tournament winner.

With standing question about favorite food and drink, colors, books, music, actors and actresses, and whether knowing how to play chess is actually useful in everyday life. This time Alejandro Ramirez checks in.

There are many lush photos throughout the issue, and an eye-catching multicolor layout adds to the professionalism of the magazine. Nevertheless, this issue feels flimsier than previous ones. Of note too is the fact that there seem to be fewer individual annotated games by the top players.

This seems to indicate they are trying to attract a broader audience, since I know of very few club players who even show an interest in the magazine and fewer still that actually subscribe. However, this is their loss because NIC is one of the few printed chess magazines still worth reading nowadays.

This issue features mentions of the movies The Imitation Game , based on the life of Alan Turing, and Life of a King , the true story of Eugene Brown, a former prison inmate who uses chess to inspire at risk inner-city kids. There is also a note of how chess played an important part in the creation of The Game of Throne novels by George R. It is described as follows: Top-seed Anish Giri bursts away with six straight wins until he is stopped by Vladimir Kramnik, who is playing his first Open in 21 years.

The Russian also takes six games on the trot and takes over the lead. Game over?

Not really. The Chinese GM beats both Giri and Kramnik in his last two games to claim another victory in his young and burgeoning career. This time around he discusses his travels to the Myanmar Open.

Jonathan Speelman is the reporter on this one.You may not be aware that the ACMs are packed with a wide variety of educational articles supported by games thoroughly annotated in words! Print Yearly.

There are many lush photos throughout the issue, and an eye-catching multicolor layout adds to the professionalism of the magazine. Sometimes I get some funny looks when the librarians see me reading the latest issue and also seeing me setting up the positions on my portable Chess set.

Actually, any column in American Chess Magazine can be used as a lesson, or indeed many lessons.