Start by marking “Liberty for Paul (Scandalous Sisters #2)” as Want to Read: Liberty Banks loves revenge almost as much as she hates one Mister Paul Grimes, who, she considers to be the most improper creature she has ever clapped eyes upon. But when her plans for revenge. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Rose Gordon is a USA Today bestselling author and writer of eight bestselling, unusually unusual historical romances that . Liberty for Paul (Regency Historical Romance) USA Today Bestselling Author Rose Gordon has written eight unusually unusual historical.

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LIBERTY FOR PAUL. ROSE GORDON. This book is a work of fiction. All names, events and locales are a product of this author's imagination. If any name, event. Read "Liberty for Paul" by Rose Gordon available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Liberty Banks loves revenge almost as. liberty for paul scandalous sisters 2 rose gordon. 7E9FE26FCDFFEA Liberty For Paul Scandalous Sisters. is a platform.

I figured Liberty would grow up a little during their marriage however she continued to be immature till the very end.

The premise of the story was a little far fetched but halfway through the book went from implausible to downright ludicrous. SPOILERS through vicious gossipy women liberty discovers that Paul has not one not two but fourtee The book started out with promise, I didn't much care for Liberty who came across as petty, inconsistent and severely immature but Paul seemed like a nice guy.

SPOILERS through vicious gossipy women liberty discovers that Paul has not one not two but fourteen illegitimate children and storms off in a heart broken huff. Their brilliant plan is to throw a masquerade ball, lure Paul and Liberty there under false pretenses, get them to disguise themselves, and then introduce them to each other by false names so they have no idea who the other is.

Firstly this plan defies all logic, how in the world could this fix anything at all. The author does have talent but her plots and characters need maturing She managed to create quite the rift between herself and Paul Grimes in the previous book Intentions of the Earl. When Liberty learns of what Paul did while she was unconscious, she sets about to exact her revenge.

Thus, Liberty and Paul wind up having to get married. I loved all 3 books in this series.

However I was a bit disappointed in "Liberty for Paul" I really do not think Paul would have dressed up in a masquerade costume and compromised his wife. He was to much of a gentleman, and his background would not have let him. Liberty was a spoiled brat, I did not like her very much. Nor is she funny. Nor with she the slightest bit interesting. In fact, it would be safe to say that she is simply Because of this huge discrepancy on her list of personal qualities, she has made it her goal to be unerringly proper.

All of the time, without fail.

She reads etiquette books and pays attention to every stricture of society's never ending list ways to behave. With nothing else to recommend her, she firmly believes that this is the only Liberty Banks is not pretty. With nothing else to recommend her, she firmly believes that this is the only way she will ever land a husband. Unfortunately, she forgot the most common way society has to ensure marriage in the upper ranks: As a minister, Mr.

Paul Grimes has never done anything scandalous in his life. Unfortunately, no one seems to believe him. His own congregation seems stubbornly bent on believing every bit of gossip that comes to their ears, and no amount of admonishment on his part seems to help. Unfortunately, having someone like Liberty Banks in his life isn't helping his reputation. Her stringent belief in propriety hasn't seemed to curb her desire to seek vengeance for every slight real or imagined she has ever felt.

When one act of vengeance goes too far, though, they find themselves in the most unacceptable of all scandals: I don't really like Liberty.

I tried, I really did. But the things she does to Paul, and the way she acts toward others, just makes me see red.

Liberty for Paul (Regency Historical Romance)

She makes me think of a devious child who thinks they are always right, and will prove it to you by embarrassing you in public. That being said, Paul was actually an enjoyable character. His quiet and shy demeanor hid a cunning and creative mind which he used to bring joy. Despite my dislike for Liberty, I actually loved the way that Paul interacted with her with the sole exception being what he did with the books. In the end he was able to get through to Liberty and start a change in her personality, but it wasn't soon enough to redeem her in my eyes.

Speaking of reforming images. The Duke of Gateway makes another appearance in this book, and he is slowly working himself toward redemption. His overall character remains the same, but there is something more to him now.


I have a feeling we will see his story end on a high note in the next book. The rest of the supporting characters redeem the book immeasurably. Brooke and Madison provide great entertainment and mischief, Andrew and Alex return with great back and forth banter, and John rounds it all off with some wonderful "fatherly" interference.

Overall, the book was well written and ended quite well. I just wish I had liked Liberty more so I could give the book a higher score. Feb 18, Danae Ringsby rated it it was amazing. Liberty has always been good at retaliation but sometime she will take things a bit too far.

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When suddenly she finds herself in the midst of a possible scandal does she realize that maybe she should have just backed off the young local vicar after trying to get him to leave her family alone once and for all! If only Paul could get Liberty to smile at him rather than scowl in his direction.

Rose Gordon has a true gift and she knows just how to keep her readers wanting more page after page. Jun 14, Kelly rated it really liked it.

Liberty is a real piece of work. She's absolutely irritating in the first book, so I wondered how she was going to carry her own book.

I actually enjoyed seeing her progression throughout the book from irritating little brat in the first chapter to interesting and engaging grown-up at the end. I think my favorite thing about Liberty is that she's 19 years old when you first meet her, and she actually behaves like some of the year-0lds I know.

She chatters, she makes hasty judgments that are b Liberty is a real piece of work. She chatters, she makes hasty judgments that are based more on her own insecurity than any actual evidence, and she frequently offends people.

I'm so sick of reading about young characters that act like they're already in their forties Bella Swan, I'm looking at you. I reveled in Liberty's immaturity, even when it irritated me.

I liked Paul, but compared to the complexity the author gave to Liberty, he fell a little flat. The main conflict between the two characters could have been solved by one conversation, and there really wasn't enough of a reason given to explain why that conversation couldn't take place.

I hate it when problems could be so easily solved but aren't. This odd little plot device wherein the characters were able to speak openly to one another but without Liberty knowing it was Paul to whom she spoke And then there was this really weird sequence at Paul's brother's house I loved the beginning and the end of this book, and I absolutely adored the illegitimate illiterates, but the middle of the book and the story segments that bring Liberty and Paul together left much to be desired.

I'm still giving it four stars, though, because I loved Liberty and the illegitimate illiterates just that much. May 21, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: The character development is wonderful. The root, of course, is based in self-doubt and misperceptions which paralyze any genuine expression of her true self in the presence of her husband, Paul. What surprised me is how deliciously funny Liberty for Paul is from start to finish!

I cannot remember the last time I laughed out loud so much while reading a book. In fact, it piqued my interest to read the series in full. Well done, Rose Gordon! Mar 01, Mary rated it it was amazing. A cliche that I often believe is overrated but Rose Gordon made me realize that there is no such thing as overrated in love.

Specially if the couples involved are as oblivious as Liberty and Paul. Series: Scandalous Sisters It was such a joy to see these two vastly different people fight, argue, and battle it out for love.

My interest was initially drawn to its intriguing plot but the characters are the reason for the smile that I had on my face while I was reading the novel.

Liberty is so refreshing and so different from most women of her time because she is a contradiction of her own. I laughed at how much she values propriety and at the same time be a woman who has a volcanic temper. She is her own enemy and I loved every moment where she gets herself in trouble because of her uncontrollable lust for revenge.

I combusted with laughter each time she tries to get even with Paul because of petty reasons. Stupidity at its finest, haha! But most of all, I jumped for joy when they finally admitted their love for one another.

Liberty for Paul is one of Rose Gordon's brilliant works, and I just can't wait to read more of her amazing novels. Oct 18, Ltlmer2 rated it liked it Shelves: I'm not quite finished with this book, but I felt the need to stop right now and write this review.

I have to admit that Liberty is not shown in the best light in that book and I was wondering about how she would redeem herself in her own story.

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The Officer and the Southerner.Shelves: wall-bangers The book started out with promise, I didn't much care for Liberty who came across as petty, inconsistent and severely immature but Paul seemed like a nice guy. I am really enjoying this series. Mauriac was a devout Christian who had fought in the French Resistance during the war.

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Happy readings! Shattered Rainbows. The premise of the story was a little far fetched but halfway through the book went from implausible to downright ludicrous.