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Vítimas Algozes – Quadros da Escravidão [The Victims Executioners – Frameworks of. Slavery] (), by Joaquim Manuel de Macedo. Joaquim Manuel de Macedo (June 24, – April 11, ) was a Brazilian novelist, doctor, (); Rio do Quarto (); A Luneta Mágica (); As Vítimas-algozes () . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with From Series) · Simeão, O Crioulo (As Vítimas-algozes Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition).

Theoretical approach of psychodynamics of work, which proposes the formation of reflection groups with workers, was employed. Subjective aspects of work, situations of psychological suffering and strategies used by workers to deal with suffering and continue to work were sought to be identified.

RESULTS: The Program's work organization exposed workers to the following: situations of violence, invisible at times; feeling of impotence in the face of precarious situations; lack of acknowledgement of efforts made; lack of borders between professional and personal aspects; intense experiences of social and domestic violence; fear of risk of exposure; feeling of moral and physical integrity being threatened; and fear of reprisal.

Situations of psychological suffering resulting from violence in the workplace were observed.

Transitional Justice

Workers develop strategies to minimize suffering, protect themselves psychologically and continue to work; and seek to create solidarity and protection networks with the population, aiming to reduce vulnerability. With the experience gained, they learn to detect high-risk situations, avoiding those they believe to be threatening.

Descriptors: Health manpower. Program Family Healthcare. Psychological Stress. Professional exhaustion.

Satisfaction at the Job. Health Worker. Mental health. Qualitative Research. Aprenden, en la experiencia acumulada, a detectar situaciones de riesgo evitando aquellas que consideran amenazantes.

Descriptores: Recursos Humanos en Salud. Programa de Salud Familiar. Agotamiento Profesional. Salud Laboral. Salud Mental. On the other hand, violence in the workplace involves a relationship with superiors, colleagues, clients and the public when performing tasks. Psychological violence is understood as forms of verbal aggression, threats, intimidations, psychological abuse and insults.

Indirect violence is included in these two types of violence, occurring when the worker, by performing their tasks, experiences situations of great misery, associated with lack of resources to resolve them and the impotence to propose alternatives. In addition, the concept of indirect violence considers disqualification of work performed, impossibility of performing it with quality, and also situations that force workers to act against their will and values, violating their psychological integrity and, consequently, human dignity.

To discuss violence in the workplace is a complex task, once it requires defining the workplace and the concept of violence, in addition to establishing a causal connection between work and violence.

When work is performed in outdoor environments, such as streets, distinction between workplace and route, a decisive factor to analyze these events, becomes difficult. Thus, high-social risk areas are those that also increase violence. The PSF follows health care comprehensiveness and regionalization, presupposing good relationship between the team and the community and focusing on the family.

The present study aimed to describe forms of external and indirect violence that affect the mental health of workers of a family health program, as well as the strategies they develop to enable their work and to be psychologically protected.

Psychodynamics of Work, also denominated Work Clinic, proposes an investigation and intervention method for work situations. Given the complexity of the object and its objectives, the study of the relationships between pleasure and suffering in the workplace, Psychodynamics of Work belongs to the field of qualitative research21 and, in general, seeks to grasp individuals' perception, understanding and participation, as well as aspects related to the problems investigated.

The peculiarity of this method differs from focus groups, once group reflections are defined by their transforming nature, resulting from the work process being reclaimed by participants.

Thus, it could be said that Psychodynamics of Work is involved in the research-action approach. These groups, comprised by workers directly involved with the situation analyzed, enable a general view of defensive strategies and mechanisms, established by individuals to protect themselves from suffering caused by work. To carry out the stages foreseen by the Psychodynamics of Work, a management group was formed, comprised by researchers, coordinators and health unit managers.

The proposal was presented to the workers involved, according to the professional categories comprising the PSF team.

A total of four homogeneous reflection groups were formed, organized with each of the PSF team professional categories: doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, and community health agents. Each of these had the participation of three researchers, responsible for session coordination and recording.

All workers were invited to participate in the groups. Participation was representative of all units involved and defined on a volunteer basis. Group processes lasted 24 hours on average, distributed in up to six weekly sessions, and sought to preserve the time required for a Psychodynamics of Work action and minimize interference in service routine Table 1.

After reflection groups, a preliminary report was prepared and subsequently presented to each of the groups in validation sessions. Next, the two other participating cities were analyzed.

The reports prepared in Pirituba were the methodological resource used to begin group discussions, organized according to the same criteria adopted in the first stage, as shown on Table 2. These discussions occurred in a single session, after reading the report from Pirituba.

Liberalismo e paternalismo em Vitimas algozes Corpo, literatura e cultura.pdf

One month after the end of each group's initial reflection process, preliminary reports were presented in group sessions for validation. The final reports were subsequently made public among the remaining workers and managers of all regions. From the reading and analysis of the reports obtained in the three cities, passages that mentioned violence in the workplace were emphasized, paying attention to discourse antagonisms and repetition.

All participants signed an informed consent form. RESULT ANALYSIS The most expressive and recurrent themes identified in the reports enabled the establishment of the following analytical categories: impotence in the face of precarious situations; lack of acknowledgement of efforts made; lack of borders between professional and personal aspects affecting non-working time; intense experiences of social and domestic violence; fear of risk of exposure; feeling of moral and physical integrity being threatened; and fear of reprisal.

Regular, intense, and prolonged interaction with users, as occurring with PSF teams, causes an impact on these workers. This interaction humanizes work and enables a critical view of users and their context of life, but it also has a strong psychological impact, which is expressed in the impotence experienced in the face of situations of extreme material precariousness: "We weren't prepared to bear and understand the problems and give guidance.

You go into a home, see all that misery, listen to all those problems and don't know where to start.

You got to work on everything We give it a try". The context of life of the communities served by the PSF exposed its workers to regular social violence, as they witnessed situations of aggression directly, and also intense misery, indirectly.

Workers saw themselves in the face of situations that involved conflicts and forms of violence that caused them to feel ethical dilemmas in terms of how to adequately intervene in each case, such as experiencing situations of disrespect towards others and the law, or that involved private cases of domestic violence.

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Liberalismo e paternalismo em Vitimas algozes Corpo, literatura e cultura.pdf

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Jvlio Caesare ; vsque ad D. No entanto, essa literatura mostrou uma mulher incapaz de reagir. He graduated in Medicine in , and started to practice it in the inlands of Rio. De as joaquim macedo vitimas.

Regular, intense, and prolonged interaction with users, as occurring with PSF teams, causes an impact on these workers. Imperial College Online.