Before coming on to that, I will share some of my experience of etea so you would be able to judge my answer based on that). I have given. ETEA Entry Test Preparation for KMC & UET "ETEA, Pretest & ICA BoOks MCQz", Peshawar, Pakistan. likes · talking about this. This Page is. ETEA Entry Test Preparation for KMC & UET "ETEA, Pretest & ICA BoOks MCQz" · June 15 ETEA BooK MCQs By FARHAN download - 2shared.

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ETEA HAS NEITHER PUBLISHED ANY BOOK OF MODEL MCQs FOR ENTRANCE TESTS PREPARATION, NOR HAS ANY COLLABORATION WHATSOEVER. ETEA Entry Test Physics One MCQS is an app for Medical & Engineering competitive entry tests. It contains all important MCQS of first year physics. Physics one. is best online entry test preparation website equipped with more than solved MCQ's along .. ETEA test will be from course book of KPK.

D A lion has not killed by you in the forest. B I asked him if could he read this letter. C I told him that he could read that letter. D I said to him if he could read that letter. Comprehension D The sun has been shining by two hours. An erratic heart- Inferring about the use of beat can be very dangerous. Passive form of the sentence is: Applying rules for change A Was a car bought by him yesterday?

A Is a car bought by him the other day? A Had a car been bought by him yesterday? Comprehension C Each one of them deserve praise. D Every one of them deserves praise. B He prayed that I might succeed in life. A He prayed that he might succeed in life. A He prayed that you may succeed in life.

Recalling the correct form A would have been of modal auxiliary in the B will be second conditional C would be sentence Knowledge D will have been 20 They arrived at about mid night Identifying the correct A because their flight was detained.

C because their flight was derailed.

D because their flight was diverted. Adapted from Scribd, , pp.

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Select the correct indirect Applying rules for change speech: Analysis of narration Application A She wanted to find whether I have a computer. B She wanted to know whether I had a computer. C She wanted to know if I could use a computer. D She was interested to know about my computer. Recalling the correct form of the phrasal verb: A to add something to B at something Knowledge C in D on 3 30 I keep the butter in the fridge.

Select the correct passive voice: Applying rules for change of voice Application A In the fridge the butter is kept by me.

B By me the butter is kept in the fridge. C The butter is kept by me in the fridge. D Kept in the fridge by me is the butter.

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Comprehension C Hardly my feet seemed to touch the earth. D My feet seemed to touch the earth hardly. Select the correct indirect Applying rules for change speech: of narration Application A She told that she had seen him yesterday. B She said that she had seen him the day before. C She told that she could see him the previous day. Applying rules for change A The top floor of the building got destroyed by the fire.

C Destroyed by fire was the top floor of the building. D The top floor of the building was destroyed by fire. B Both Farid and Javed are good swimmers. C Good swimmers are both Farid and Javed. D Swimmers are good both Farid and Javed.

Knowledge B She is the best person for the job certainly. C She is certainly the best person for the job. D The best person certainly she is for the job. B He was arrested by the police for dangerous driving. C For dangerous driving he was arrested by the police.

D By the police was he arrested for dangerous driving. Select the correct indirect Applying rules for change speech: of narration Application A He told me that he could visit Spain. B He told me that he has visited Spain.

C He told me that he had been to Spain. D He told me that he has been Spain. B We bought some new clothings. C We bought some new piece of clothing. D We bought some new piece of clothings.

ETEA Entry Test

Comprehension B The lecture was long, a bore and uninspiring. C The lecture was long, boring and uninspiring. D The lecture was a long, a bore and an uninspiring.

Thus, on the whole, Knowledge has been given the highest weightage with 34 out of 60 items, the next in order of frequency being Comprehension with 14, and Application with 12 items in all. Thus, of the three main components of language i. Similarly, in connection to the questions on Application, the focus of the ETEA Tests has been on the change of voice and narration, revealing a narrow view of grammar and a somewhat disregard of Application as a middle-order thinking faculty.

However, by a sharp contrast, with no question item for any of the three HOT areas, ETEA Test shows the least concern for inculcating or assessing higher order or critical thinking, reasoning, and rationalizing on the part of the students.

In short, based on only 20 questions with a sole focus on either general vocabulary or change of voice and narration, an ETEA Test appears to lack both its content as well as predicative validity for developing and assessing critical and creative thinking of the students who are standing at the threshold of an ocean-like vast, proactive, demanding, and dynamic life from both general as well as linguistic viewpoints.

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Evaluation Techniques. Peshawar: Taj Kutab Khan. Don't be too hard on MCQs. Practice MCQs for the sake of practice, not for the sake of learning. They are based entirely on your courses' books. If you follow this step, your results will be fruitful. First go through the chapter and then go through the Mcqs. Yes No. Not Helpful 4 Helpful You should start preparing right away to ensure that you have maximum time to study for the ETEA test.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 9. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Don't worry, because the calculations most of the time are extremely simple and you can do that with basic math skills and without the help of any calculator.

ETEA Medical Entrance Test 2019-2019

Just know all the formulas. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Yes, there is a negative marking for each wrong attempted question. There is no negative marking if the question is unattempted.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful 9. Sometimes textbooks can rely heavily on formal English while the test might include more informal English, so reading sources of informal language like newspapers can be helpful.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful 6. Unanswered Questions. Is there more chances to pass the EATE test for freshers or repeaters? Answer this question Flag as Flag as Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

Tips Read the question and options very carefully. Try to understand topics of sciences in first year and second year. Don't be defensive in attempting questions. Give only 40 seconds to every question. Practice for time management, which is the key to success Read your books as much as you can because most of the MCQs are from the books. Take the books very seriously.

Don't be confused that after your first quick go you attempted less no of MCQs. Go for the choice which comes first into your mind and seems logically correct. Don't keep changing your answers. Go through each and every question, and attempt the easy ones first. Leave the difficult ones for afterward.

Don't leave any question uncompleted. You will know only 40 percent of MCQs, which will be hundred percent confirmed to you; the rest of them you will solve through educated guesses. If you will go through only percent confirmed questions, you will fail to qualify. Try to go through the question to which you are 50 percent confirmed.

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Don't panic if you don't know. Try to make educated guesses. In the second, try to attempt all of them. Do educated guesses on all of them. On the day of test, don't be panic to see the crowd there. All of them are not going to be qualified for it.

Only 30 percent of them will pass the test. The more questions you solve, the high you will score. Trust your brain and confidently solve all the MCQs. Try to attempt the maximum amount of questions. If you attempt and got right and 50 wrong you will get marks; if you got right and 60 wrong, you will get marks.

Don't try to waste your time. Don't listen to the techniques of your friends before the test. Follow the above techniques. Don't let your friends distract you round the test days.

Try to completely isolate yourself. Don't go for cheating or short cuts because there are no short cuts for it. While doing the test, don't mark your self. Your aim should be attempting MCQs. Don't practice too many MCQs.

Don't be afraid of negative marking. Don't be afraid of wrong guesses. Don't study two days before the test. Try to relax yourself in these two days.HA Hani Amer May To start your preparation today Click here. Comprehension: Understanding the material being communicated without necessarily relating to it anything else. Each correct answer carries 4 marks and each wrong answer 1 mark. This habit will be fruitful when you will qualify for the test. D The country was more hardly hit by the war.

Trust your brain and confidently solve all the MCQs. Tell us more about it? B He prayed that I might succeed in life.